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We are multi-media production and finance company with a diversified portfolio of media projects spanning multiple genres including feature films, television, web series and interactive gaming applications.


You may already be familiar with some of our work. One Yard Line is made up of a small group of experienced and award winning producers, marketing professionals, financiers, sports professionals, and web-development experts. Our strength lies in our experience, professional connections and passion for our work.

Breaking News

Every month One Yard Line Entertainment releases a newsletter to keep our investors updated. We are constantly exploring new projects in film, commercial production and online media. We have more updates on our latest projects in our latest newsletter, click here.

Our Projects

Latest projects include film, television, and social media apps and games. Every project that One Yard Line Entertainment funds is one we believe can be produced at a modest budget and deliver profitable returns for our investors. Our “Projects” page outlines all our current and previous work.

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